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Customers of BLUE&P Group are a large and leading company in the following fields: oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical industries, power plant, automobile, chemical industry, steel industry, water and sewage, gas pressure stations, railway and transportation, and Urban services.


Project Title Status
Substation, transmission line and power grid electrical, mechanical and construction of Chaki Wardak power plant Under Execution
Rehabilitation, Design, Supply, Installation, Distribution, & Operation of Micro Hydro Electric Power Plant Project in Chack District, Wardak Prov-ince Under Execution
Design build of Dahane Dara Dam and Hydro Power Generation Plant and Irrigation Net-work Under Execution


Project Title Status
Gas Transmission Project from Iran to Armenia Completed
Noravan 400/220 kV Substation in Armenia Completed
Study, design, supply, installation, test, and commissioning of the wind farm in Pushkin-Pass, Armenia Completed
Iran- Armenia 400kV Third Transmission line Project Under Execution


Project Title Status
Design, survey, geological studies, manufacturing, test, delivery, installation and commissioning of 330 KV and 220 KV overhead transmission lines and substations between Imishli, Ali Bayramli, and Astara in Azerbaijan Completed


Project Title Status
Design, supply, and supervision of Banes, Guanta, Jesus Menendez, La Maya & Palma Soriano water treatment plant and also the supply of equipment, including horizontal and deep well pumps, for Las Tunas, Camaguey, Havana and Holguin city pumping station Completed


Project Title Status
Extension of the 220 KV existing Substation in Bahir Dar, Gondar and Shehedi of Ethiopia Completed


Project Title Status
Procurement and Installation of Photovoltaic System in the villages of East Azerbaijan Completed
Supply, Installation and Construction of On-Grid Photovoltaic System in Qazvin Completed
Engineering, Procurement , Construction, Installation, testing of temporary South Roohina Steel 132/33 kV Substation Completed
Construction of On-Grid Solar Power Plant in Isfahan Completed
Supply, procurement and installation of 132/33 kV,30MVA Arvand Kaveh Steel transformer Completed
Development and organization of Shushtar rural electrical network Project No.87/84 Completed
Reduce the losses of distribution networks in ghafghas village-Abadan Completed
Reduce the losses of distribution networks in Shadegan Completed
Reduce the losses of distribution networks in Shoosh ports Completed
Reduce the losses of distribution networks in Mahshahr Completed
Electrification to the villages through photovoltaic system Iran South Kerman Electrical Distribution Co Completed
Supplying Equipment and Installing Solar Power System in Mashhad Completed
Solar Electrification to the villages in province of Kerman Completed


Project Title Status
Design, supervision and commissioning of 230 kV transmission line Under Execution
Design, supervision and execution of Basra Phase 63 project Under Execution
Design and Engineering of 1000 MW power plant Under Execution
Design, supervision and commissioning of 10 MW gas fired power plant Under Execution
Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of 3 x 132/11 and 3 x 33/11 KV mobile substations in Iraq Under Execution
Consultancy services for 7 GIS Substations Completed
IPP consultancy services contract Completed
Design and supervision of 5 mobile substations Completed
Design, construction and supervision of 6 mobile substations Completed
AL- Sadir 324 MW Power Plant Completed
4 Mobile Substations 132/11 KV in Kurdistan Region Completed


Project Title Status
Design of 400 kV transmission line and substation Completed


Project Title Status
EPC Construction of 220 kV Transmission Line and 220/132 kV Substation in Khuzdar Pakistan Under Execution
Construction of 220 KV Transmis-sion Lines and 220/132 KV GIS Substation in Gwadar Completed


Project Title Status
Construction of 225 KV & 30 KV Touba - Tobene - Kaolack Trans-mission Lines & Substations Completed

Sri Lanka

Project Title Status
Rural Electrification to 1000 Villages in Sri Lanka Under Execution


Project Title Status
Design, supply and erection of hydro-mechanical, mechanical, and electrical equipment required for Al-Bab Tadef irrigation project on an area of 6700 hectares Completed
Design, Engineering, Supply of material and equipment; supervision on construction of 6x66/20 KV substations Completed


Project Title Status
Village Electrification Initiative Under the Backbone Transmission Investment Project(Lot1: Mtera 220/33 kV Substation Extension) Under Execution
Tanzania 220/33 kV Substation Extension Design Under Execution

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