Advances in Wind Energy Tools

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Advances in Wind Energy Tools Wind energy tools are getting bigger and better Renewable energy production and demand for it is increasing worldwide. This high demand has led all wind energy equipment manufacturers to use their facilities to meet the demand and use it. The growth and operation of wind energy capacity will reach 447 […]

How to be environmentally friendly in 2020?

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Storage Systems for Renewable Energies What does it mean to be friendly and environmentally friendly? Being environmentally friendly means a lifestyle that your behavior is not harmful to the environment. This lifestyle is more prevalent than before, and we are realizing its importance day by day because we have to protect our planet from human-made […]

From Sustainable to Smart Cities

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From Sustainable to Smart Cities What will be the future of modern cities? Over the years, the process of urbanization around the world has grown exponentially, and more people are moving to cities. Many people have moved to cities to find better jobs and higher living standards. Although the migration of people from rural to […]

Stability of the electrical system

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What do you know about the stability of the electrical system? As you know, power system engineering is a significant part of electrical engineering studies. This refers to the generation of electricity and its transmission with minimal losses. Power changes are often due to load changes or due to the presence of some disturbances. Due […]