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Our culture is anchored by a set of core investment principles that guide our decisions and how we measure success.

Our approach to investing is disciplined and straightforward. With a focus on value creation and capital preservation, we invest opportunistically in high quality real assets within our areas of expertise, manage them proactively and finance them conservatively with a goal of generating stable, predictable and growing cash flows for investors and shareholders.

Our Investment Segment

Our infrastructure business owns and operates assets that are critical to the global economy. Our expertise in managing and developing such assets make us ideal partners for the stakeholders who rely on these assets.

We own high-quality, long-life assets that provide essential products and services for the global economy.Opportunistically recycle capital, selling interests in businesses when value is maximized

Operating as the growth platform for impactful ideas, we’re focused on creating and developing successful startups and products in collaboration with visionary entrepreneurs, growth stage startups.




  • Invest where we possess competitive advantages.
  • Acquire assets on a value basis with a goal of maximizing return on capital.
  • Build sustainable cash flows to provide certainty, reduce risk and lower our cost of capital.
  • Recognize that superior returns often require a contrarian approach.
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