34th International Power System Conference

psc 34 fa 1000 1400 Copy Copy
psc 34 fa 1000 1400 Copy
PSC 2019

The 34th Power System Conference and 7th National Conference on Nanotechnology in the Electric Power Industry, will be held on December 9 to 11, 2019.
The exhibition is available for participants during the three days of conference. Both Iranian and foreign companies can take part in the exhibition and a wide range of researchers, scientists and industrial experts gather for introducing their latest achievements, technologies and trends.

The BLUE&P Group will also participate in this important scientific and industrial event with the aim of introducing its latest products and services.
Also at the conference, an exhibition will be held to introduce the latest achievements and technologies in the field of industrial automation.BLUE&P Group also welcomes visitors by presenting and introducing its latest services and technologies in the field of automation.

Pajoheshgah Niroo, Dadman Boulevard, Tehran, Iran

For more information you can visit 
PSC 2019

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