BLUE&P Infrastructure Group


For high strength
& height requirements.

Our steel poles stand as pillars of progress, helping to deliver our energy, support safe roads and communities, and keep us connected.

We produce guyed and self-supporting delta and flat towers for single, double and multiple circuit configurations. All of our tower structures are optimized for weight efficiency and construct ability in order to minimize total in-place cost.

Also we provide tower engineering, inspection, procurement and project management services to the utility scale wind, small wind, power transmission & distribution, lighting, solar, offshore wind and wireless industries. 

We manufacture and installs a variety of steel products that include:

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Power Transmission Towers


Telecommunication Towers




Substation Structures


BLUE&P infrastructure Group is an international contractor that provides services throught its subsidiaries in the following areas, Engineering, Procurment, Construction, Manufactoring and Financing.

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