Fueling the Future

Support the oil and gas industry in automating their processes. Automation is set to affect many industries over the coming years, and the oil and gas industry is already seeing these changes come into effect. As the need to automate becomes greater, and the technology improves, we are likely to see significant progress being made over the coming years.

Oil well and storage tanks in the Texas Panhandle.


We are committed to radically improving our process and industrial customers’ performance with measurable results.

  • Making the greatest use of the world’s valuable resources
  • Advancing the industries that are the backbone of daily life
  • Helping nations move their economies forward in a responsible way
  • Enabling the performance and safety of industry when it matters most


Find a wide range of SCADA solutions that streamline and integrate your dispersed assets across the oil and gas pipeline and terminal markets. From measurement to host systems, we offer you a single provider solution where you can avoid the islands of automation that require painful integration and eliminate risks associated with pieced-together solutions.
Our products and systems enable you to:

  • Monitor, control and measure remotely
  • Asset optimization with greater visibility of your field
  • Enhance safety by streamlining process knowledge

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