Power Distribution Control System


Optimize Energy Usage

The PDCS system is a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of large industrial centers, and  ideal system for monitoring, improving, predicting and managing power distribution networks. The PDCS system saves time and cost by optimizing energy consumption while increasing the durability and shelf life of equipment and machinery by preventing power outages and disrupting system performance.

  • Monitor

    Discover facility performances any time, anywhere.

  • Optimize

    Collect your data, analyze information and take your decision.

  • Control

    Implement your strategy and reach the goal.

  • quick & accurate monitoring network performance

  • Reduce network disturbances

  • Reduce Power Outages

  • Improving the quality of energy

  • good decisions making based on accurate data

  • Oil & Gas

  • Petrochemical

  • Steel & Mining

  • Cement industry

  • combined cycle power plants