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Our goal is to make the people lives easier through our products and services. We anticipate both current and future needs and problems and address them with innovative and highly efficient solutions. We want to continue to build better future in this style.

We have experienced engineering team, supporting our projects and clients. Our team consists of the full range of skilled engineers: electrical, chemical, mechanical, environmental, civil and industrial engineers – with a number of world-class specialists in each fields.

We offer engineering as a stand-alone service, but also as part of EPC projects, as well as supporting large contractors with outsourced engineering support.

Scope of Activities

  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Planning
  • Construction Engineering


Supported by vast experience in the sourcing of equipment and materials to meet the needs of projects, power plant upgrades, shutdown and refurbishment. We are well placed to be a partner to any demanding environment looking for predictable sourcing support.

We have the Coordinators and the Buyers. The coordinators are responsible for all the activities related to expediting, inspection, traffic and logistics. The buyers are specialized engineers in static equipment, dynamic equipment, electrical & instrumentation equipment and material.

We manage the complete logistics process to ensure products are delivered on time. Advanced tracking systems are used to ensure the client has visibility during the procurement process.

Scope of Activities

  • Logistics & Transport
  • Receiving
  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing

We offer a full turnkey solution to the market. This service starts with the early stage studies all the way through to construction and commissioning of the project.

Our construction teams are multi-disciplinary with many years’ experience servicing the power, renewable energy, water, oil & gas, civil and railway industry within Middle East and abroad.

We want to perform all required construction services in every project in full compliance with contractual commitments, applicable regulatory standards and recognized and sound engineering practices in a way that protects and preserves public health, safety, environment and welfare.

Scope of Activities

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Installation
  • Mechanical Erection

Our Market Expertise

As a global contractor in engineering, procurement, and construction, we work closely with our customers to design, build and maintain projects that are essential for communities’ development. We have the expertise, capabilities, and facilities to tackle the challenges with an integrated life-cycle approach that delivers projects on time, within affordable price.

Electricity generation from a range of sources, transmission and distribution.

Since launching our renewable energy programs, we’ve served thousands of customers with a diverse range of innovative energy solutions.

We deliver industrial water treatment services, hydropower, canals and dams. We help our customers ensure that precious water resources are protected and managed sustainably.

We operate in most areas of the construction industry, working across both public and private sector, providing quality performance with professionalism.


BLUE&P infrastructure Group is an international contractor that provides services throught its subsidiaries in the following areas, Engineering, Procurment, Construction, Manufactoring and Financing.

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