industrial of Blue&p group

Starting in 1972 with producing switchgear, our story has always been about generation and distribution of power, and now moves towards a new mix of energy sources as the world moves into a brighter future.


Switched on

We were born out of the mind of Mr. Mohammad Parsa, an electrical power engineer. In 1972, he founded a company to manufacture electrical equipment.


Switchgear manufacturing & initial expansion

Having gained fame and success in Iran’s electrical power industry as an entrepreneur, he decided to found another manufacturing company, Pars Tableau, in 1982, which manufactures electrical switchgear. (CRN.45907)


First entrance to global market

In 1991, he decided to found another manufacturing company, Tehran Padena, which manufactures circuit breakers. As we grew and evolved, we recognized the need for power is universal. So we decided to export electrical products to foreign markets.


New business lines

In 2000, the group decided to gradually diversify into EPC service provider as a general contractor. This diversification has provided an opportunity for this group to supply their products for implementing EPC projects on international markets.   


New path of growth

In 2015, we grew large enough to establish subsidiaries specialized in construction and investment businesses. Through these companies encompassing professional experts and technical knowhow, BLUE&P Group has always stood ready to execute projects on a turnkey basis


BLUE&P infrastructure Group is an international contractor that provides services throught its subsidiaries in the following areas, Engineering, Procurment, Construction, Manufactoring and Financing.

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